Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Sledding fun!

Although it was mighty chilly out on Sunday, we bundled little R. up and took her sledding at the sledding hill. It was her first time truely sledding. The last tim we went, Hubby hooked a lead rope to the rope on the sled and pulled her on fairly level ground. We did go up a small steep hill, but he hooked the lead rope onto the back of her sled so he could somewhat control her. Well this time he let her go. Of course we didn't go up to the huge hill to sled down. We just stuck to the small steep hill at the bottom of the big hill. It was sorta like a ramp for the big hill to let the older sledders fly! Hubby pulled her up the hill, turned her around, and let her go. She was a little hesitant at first and by the look on her face, I'm not sure she knew what was happening, but she happily went back up and did it a couple more times (5 more or so). We weren't out there long, because of the frigid cold air, but she sure had fun.

On an unrelated note, I began working on Save the Date postcards and t-shirt designs for the Great Strides Walk for CF this summer. This is the design I am thinking about using for the T-shirts. The colors are what colors I am thinking about using.
Most teams usually use the same design each year and just order new shirts for the new walkers. We decided last year that we would put the date on the shirts and use them only for one year. We change the design, color, and year each walk. We also always order an extra shirt for R. of the size that she is wearing at the time to have all the team members that walk sign. When we have 12 or 16 or 20 shirts, I am going to make her a quilt of all the signed shirts.
I am also sending out a save the date card for the walk. It has all of the info for the walk along with a picture of R. and the Team Roses for Rylee 2010 logo. We are personally hoping that our team can raise $10,000.00 this year. If you want a bracelet, t-shirt or more info on the walk, let me know. I can arrange it!
And finally, R's grandpa (my dad) is coming tonight to visit. He has meetings in town so he will stop up tonight to visit. And as this is nothing I would normally write about, there is something special to this visit. Last night as I was telling R. about her grandpa coming, she turned to me and asked PaPaPa? Now I haven't talked much about R.'s vocabulary, or lack there of. She says mama, daddy, hi, hi tootie (our nickname for her), bye bye, and then says the sounds of the animals cow, turkey, snake and coyote. She also will repeat the sounds of a dog and cat. Yes, I know that she only "KNOWS" the not normal animals, but that would be thanks to her dad. She doesn't say much, but is very much understanding what we say. She gets toys/things on demand, goes to places you ask in the house, lays down, sits down, throws, etc. She very much understands. So PaPaPa is very exciting. We have been working on Grandma for a while. Everytime I talk to my mom, R. also talks and grandma says "R. say hi Grandma". Well she still doesn't say that but she now says PaPaPa. How exciting!
Well I think that's it! Not too much exciting here in the freezing frigid weather so we stay in and play all day!


  1. R must have liked sledding if she went down the hill more than once. The weather here is frigid also. Take care!

  2. I love this picture of your sweet girl! She looks sooo cute all bundled up in her sled!

    I love the t-shirt too! The colors are very vibrant!