Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Snowy Weekend Fun

This past weekend, after my mommy shopping trip on Saturday, we had some family fun. We took R. out to do some sledding. She has been loving being bundled up and getting some fresh air, so we figured it would be fun. That and Mommy had bought her a new sled on her shopping trip. R. had so much fun. You can't tell by the picture of her sledding, but she really did enjoy it. I just think she wasn't so sure of sledding downt he hill.
She Loves being outside though.

This is one of my all time favorite pictures of R. and her dad.

And today, I took R. out in the chilly snow for a quick winter photo shoot. It was a little chillier then I anticipated and after I sunk into the snow up to my knees, I didn't get very many pictures. R. was fairly cooperative, however she has a thing about looking down. She doesn't like to look at me when she knows we are on these photo excursions, so I take a ton of pictures and maybe get one or two. She also had on her tutu over her jeans, but you can't see much of it here. The vest was an after though and doesn't match at all, but it kept her a little warmer.

She deffinately had some fun on Sunday and I only wish it would continue to be warm so we could continue to spend time outside. Too Bad it's suppose to be freezing rain today and tomorrow and then another snow storm this weekend :( Sad.

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  1. Adorable sledding picture! I especially love the daddy/daughter picture!