Thursday, January 7, 2010

Tot Time and More!

Spagettio's - They are a favorite with the little miss in the house! She absolutely loves them! She loves to eat them, to paint with them, to take a bath in them basically. We always make sure to take off her clothes before she starts to eat these. Spagettio's are about the only food we actually do that for. She is normally a fairly clean eater. With that, she has yet to learn how to use a spoon. She can do it, just has no desire to actually use it.

And in this orange slimy splendor, not only do we put spagettio's on our face, but also on our arms, hair and belly!

And "ALL DONE" We are done making a mess!

Now onto Tot Time! We played with playdoh - not ordinary playdoh, but playdoh with lots of silver and pink sparkles. We thought it needed to glisten like to snow outside. We have been focusing on the color "White" and the topic of "Snow". What better time then the week that we get another snowstorm and lots of White Fluffy Stuff. Too bad it's -30 degree windchill out and we can't play in it.

This is only the second time we have played with playdoh and she still isn't too sure about it. She at first tried to sample a piece, but stopped before it got to her mouth after her mommy saying yucky over and over again.

She also worked on transferring pom poms into little cupcake tins. I had gotten these sparkly blue and white pom poms at Hobby Lobby 3 or 4 years ago for almost nothing after Christmas. They were honestly like 25 cents for the package. The cupcake tins are the ones that come in the brownie mini boxes. They are one-time use for baking, but many time use for transferring and crafting, and playing.

She does a very good job of this, however she gets bored fairly easy and starts to throw the pompoms. I guess it's to be expected of a 16 month old.

This last picture is the beginning of the end with the transferring. Next the pom poms were everywhere. Oh Well!

We have also been playing with puzzles, mega blocks, stacking bowls, and shape sorters this week. Mostly they end up all over the floor but it's ok. She's learning to pick them up when asked and that's a good start.
R. Is having fun with her tot time, and It gives her a little time to focus and follow directions. She is a very independent little girl and so she tends to do what she pleases. She listens fairly well when we tell her to do something, however focusing on tasks are a little more difficult. Hopefully this structured time helps in that area.
Well off to have some more fun!


  1. Ha ha ha! That spaghetti-o face is hilarious! So glad you got that on camera!

  2. I have a 4-year old that still struggles eating spaghetti without getting it all over her face and shirt.

    Cute pictures of a cute little girl.