Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Today's Tidbits

Today is one of those days I don't have any events to blog about, so we'll leave it to the Today's Tidbits to take the place of today's blog.

Tidbit #1

I love love love love love staying home with my little girl. I have so much fun with her, and love that I get to watch her every milestone and growth. To speak of that, today while she was eating breakfast which consisted of a apple cinnamon granola bar, I looked at her and here she was just eating like such a big girl. Granola bar was in both hands and she was taking bites off the top of it. Usually s he manages to tear it to shreds before she eats it, but today it was so neat and precise. She's growing up way to fast.

Tidbit #2

Speaking of breakfast, Rylee also had yogurt for breakfast. We are big fans of yogurt as they can have a lot of fat and calories in a small amount and for a little child with CF that is very important. Well anyways, I found at WalMart Dan-o-nino yogurt. Now I'm not usually a fan on Dannon yogurt as it's really thick, but the size is what got me. It is half the size of the trix yogurt that we usually get. Rylee loves it. She'll easily eat the whole container and we don't waste any. They also come in the cutest little cups which are going to make awesome paint cups someday.

Tidbit #3
I am going shopping in a week and I am super excited. I am going with my sister and 2 of my cousins and we are having a "girls weekend". I am very worried about leaving my daughter, as it is the first time that I will leave her over night and it will be for two nights, but it has to happen sometime. We are going to an outlet mall and I am hoping I can find some really good deals for my little one. She is in desperate need of nice clothes. She has tons and tons and I do mean tons of sweat suit outfits....you know sweat pants and hooded zip up hoodies with little tees to go underneith. I sersiously think she has like 10 different outfits like that, but no jeans, hardly any sweaters, no skirts or fall/winter dresses and the biggest of all - NO SHOES. She only has one pair of shoes that aren't sandals and this winter we will need some shoes.
Tidbit #4
This winter we are going to be staying home a lot. We have already started not taking Rylee out of the house much. I mean, we still go to outdoor places like the apple orchard/pumpkin patch, but we steer free of places like Walmart, Grocery Stores, malls, Target, etc. There are so many germs out there. What is everyone else doing to stay healthy? We also try to increase Rylees intake of yogurt as it has probiotics and help keep the healthy bacteria around incase she needs to go on antibiotics. Other then that, We don't allow shoes in the house, People must wash hands when entering or use hand sanitizer and again if they touch their nose/mouth/eyes/ or go to the bathroom (no brainer there)...I also try to clorox/lysol everything like door nobs, fawcets, counters, etc. atleast every other day.
Tidbit #5
OK, so I have been watching Dr. Oz in the mornings lately and WOW.....It's a major Eye opener. My newest obsession with germs is the Bathroom. Now with Rylee having CF, we already try to keep her out of the bathroom, and we keep her toothbrushes (Yes I said Toothbrushes and will get to that in a bit) out of the bathroom and I wipe the bathroom down each night during her bath.. But here are a few little things that never crossed my mind but I am now anal about.
-Shut the toilet lid before you flush. If it is open and you flush, the bacteria from the feces and urine can fly up to 20 feet. Most bathrooms are not even 20 feet, so they can go out the door and into the next rooms. GROSS! I now shut the lid every time before I flush. All that cleaning is a waste otherwise.
-Toothbrushes - Don't keep them covered. Its a breading ground for bacteria. After you use them you should either swish them in Hydrogen Peroxide or Listerine. They must be swished around for 30 seconds to actively kill any bacteria from your mouth on them.
--Now comes Rylee's toothbrushes - We have never kept them in the bathroom but instead in her room next to her changing table. (HELLO) not so safe. So now we keep them in her medicine cupboard (yes cupboard) in the kitchen. And she has about 15 toothbrushes. This way, if I get busy and don't get around to cleaning them right away, she still has a clean one to use. I swish them in water first (bottled water) - then in hydrogen peroxide for 30 sec. and then I let them air dry. Before she uses it the next time, I swish it in listerine for 3o seconds to ensure that their is not nasty taste on it - Even though Hydrogen Peroxide isn't suppose to have a taste. I then rince in Water as Listerine has flouride and toddlers aren't suppose to swallow that. So Rylee's toothbrushes remain germ free for the most part.
- Purses - Did you know that purses are nasty and full of germs? You should never bring your purse in and set it on any counter or chair. We try not to even set it on the floor as Rylee crawls there. You should have a hook by the door to hang your purse on. They also make some neat hooks that you can hang off the table when you are at your desk at work or at a restaurant eating so they don't sit on the floor and this brings me to my final topic -
- Shoes - Shoes can track bacteria and germs into your house and they can live on your floor/carpets/ shoes for 7 days. We got rid of all the carpet in our house for this reason. NASTY
OK, so that's enough for today. Hope you find this rambling somewhat informational and if you take anything from it...Wash your hands and put the lid down before you flush! Ta Ta - and happy Tuesday Everyone!

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  1. It sounds like you are doing a great job keeping the germs away! I am a complete germophobic. I think I wash my hands 100 times/day!

    You are going to have a blast on your girls trip! How exciting!