Tuesday, September 8, 2009

The Birthday Bash!

As many of you know, our days are filled with treatments, meals snacks, laundry, cleaning, and disenfecting. Most days pass without me even realizing where the day has went. In the past I have struggled to update any blog that I have started very often, However I am starting over. I am hoping to make this a daily event. I love the fact of writing about what my darling little one and I have done during the days past and updating the blog world about our little lives.

Well my little cupcake turned on at the end of August and we threw her a cupcake party! A majority of the ideas for the party came from the Hissyfits Photography blog . I must say that I just love all the ideas that she had for parties! Being a stay at home mom, made it all the more easier to plan and create and craft!

Here are some of the pictures from the day that we caught on camera!

This is her first ever taste of cake. She seemed to enjoy it, but wasn't overly enthused by getting messy! Oh well! She's going to be my little clean girly!

The cake ball cupcake pops were a big hit! We are even considering forgoing the cake next year and just making cake balls. The cupcakes were a little time consuming and not near as cute as the website that I found them on, but still delicious! And I can honestly say that Rylee like these more then the cake itself!

Cousin Logan watching while Rylee opened presents. He is such a ham!

Rylee walking with her Grandpa. I just love this picture of her feet!

A friends little boy while decorating cupcakes. He was one of the kids that was guilty of Double Dipping!

The tableware. They turned out super cute!

The cake table. Don't mind the mess in the background. The party was meant to be outside and it was a cloudy rain threatening day so we moved it into our not so clean garage. It didn't ruin the spirits of the party though!

A picture of the banner. Well half of the banner! It was very long, and I figure you can get the idea from just half! I made it all myself and was pretty proud of it. I am deffinately going to get a cricut. I borrowed my friends to cut the letters out and it would have made the entire process so much easier and quicker!

Another idea I stole from Bethany at Hissyfits Photography and made my own. I cut these cupcakes out of foam. Originally I was going to spray paint them, but low and behold, spray paint eats the foam... Plan B - I painted them with acrylic paint and they turned out darling! Now if we could have only stuck them in the lawn a little better!

And finally a quick snapshot of the gifts. This little girl got so many toys! Magically she didn't get too many clothes, but a ton of toys! We were very appreciative but had to put some toys up as they were sort of overwhelming to our little cupcake!

As a side note and suggestion, if doing cupcake decorating as an activity, give each child individual portions of each color of frosting. I had originally planned to do this but it was hectic and I forgot so I just put the frosting tubs on the table. Lets just say the sequence of the decorators was spoon in frosting, frosting on cupcake, spoon in mouth, repeat! Not the most sanitary and this germ-a-phobe mom was almost sick to her stomach, however it was all good!
And way off topic, Miss Rylee had her pictures taken this last weekend. Yea yea, I know, I am working on getting my photography business started and I take my little one to another studio. This is because I don't have an indoor studio yet and wanted some good studio pictures. So the point of this is to tell you about how fashionable my little girl was! I got her this little corderoy skirt and this tee and this sweater only in chocolate brown and paired them with some way cute chocolate brown suede boots! Oh my, I was in love with her style! We will be taking some fun fall pictures in this combo and I will post when I take them!
And finally I leave you with this.....Life isn't measured by the number of breaths you take but by the moments that take your breath away! Have a wonderful day!

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