Tuesday, September 15, 2009


My little stylish baby decided she was old enough to climb in and out of her toddler bed. She has been sleeping in the pack and play due to her major room aversion that she has, but finds it funny to crawl in and out of her bed. She does take naps in her bed and crawls out and into the living room when her nap is done.

And this is just a shot of my little diva's outfit. Wow am I so happy I had a little girl to dress so stylish. I couldn't get enough of her in this outfit. Little miss Miss-matched!

Well the whole purpose of this post was actually to show my new found hobby! I have always loved the way little bows look and I absolutely am madly in love with KORKERS! I finally started to make some and boy are they so super easy to make. I love the packs of ribbon from Targets $1.00 section. Very easy to match the colors/patterns.

I have yet to buy the alligator clips to put them on. Actually, I bought some from WalMart, but they are way to big. So as soon as I get some ordered online, I will be able to start letting my baby wear them. The big orange bow is for her halloween costume. She's gonna be a pumpkin!
So today's agenda includes getting miss Rylee a haircut. It will be her second one. I am very hesitant but her bangs are once again in her eyes. We are just going to trim it up! Hopefully it all goes well. Other then that we will be staying home maybe swinging on her swingset. I am so nervous about the swine flu that we don't mozy far from home. I really don't want my baby to get sick with it. So on that note, let me know how you feel about the vaccine. Leave me a comment!
Well off to work on some phone calls, apppointments and cleaning. It's never ending!
Have a wonderful Tuesday world!

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