Monday, September 28, 2009

Oh What A Week

well well well. This last week has been quite the week. Miss Rylee decided to give us quite the scare as she spiked a fever that got up to 103.7 at some times. It all started on Wednesday night. We had a doctors appointment with her cystic fibrosis doctor on Thursday and we were so excited as we had made it a full 3 months in between appointments. This is the most you are allowed to go in between visits and we had made it. Low and behold, Wednesday afternoon Rylee's temp goes up and up and up. They tested her for H1N1 at the clinic visit and as far as we know that was negative. SO they told us to wait it out and see if it continues. Well thursday morning it was at 103.7......Way to high for me, but finally on Friday night it went down to 100.6 and now finally we are fever FREE! YAY. We are still waiting to see if she cultured anything in her sputum culture on Thursday to see if we need to start her on her nebbed antibiotics again.
Rylee did try to color, or mommy tried to get her to color. This is how that went.
Picking my nose!

Mommy, this is boring!

OK, I will pretend to color (IE. Move the crayons on and off the paper!)

So there wasn't much going on this last few days but recovering but we did sneak out to the apple orchard to pick a few apples. Here are some pictures from that adventure.
This is actually at the farmers market. The one pic of rylee smililing of course with her paci in.

Walking into the apple orchard! I love it

One of my faves, only if Rylee would smile, the little stink.

This is just another walking one. I love the look of the sepia

We are skipping story time from here on out bc of the H1N1 flu and seasonal flu. Rylee will be going in to get a flu shot at some point this week and then the H1N1 shot when it gets here.
I am hoping to organize my crazy messy ribbon stash that is all over the island in my kitchen. I am working on some sassy halloween bows for Rylee and her little CF friend Reese. Rylee is sending Reese a halloween care package! After seeing all the crafty stuff on peoples blogs and the mention of holiday swaps, I thought, we could do that. Rylee and Reese share a very special bond that not many understand. They could both use a little extra love on random days. And how special to get a package in the mail addressed to them. They will really appreciate it when they are 5 and 10 and 15. :)
Well I better get busy. My dad brought his elliptical down for me to use this winter and I am starting my workout routine today. Wish me luck!

Enjoy the week everyone!

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  1. The poor little thing! I hope she is feeling better soon! Kamree got a flu shot last week and she hated everything about it!

    Holiday swaps are the best!

    Good luck with your workout!