Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Funk Funk Funky!

So i have been going through quite the funk these last couple of days. I spent so much time busy getting ready for the little cupcake party that these last few days or I might even say last week and a half I have been not the least bit motivated to do anything. I really need to jump back on the horse and start doing things again.

We do have a couple of busy days coming up. My husbands parents are coming for a visit this weekend. They live in Arizona and with us here in the upper midwest, we don't get to see them often. Actually Rylee has never met her Grandpa and has only met her Grandma once. So the next couple of days I will be busy cleaning the house in preparations for their arrival.

I will also be taking pictures of the two monsters I love so much - Ash and A! Before I had Rylee, I worked as a teacher at a childcare center and became so particular fond of these two kids. We have since became good friends with their family and do children swaps/date nites. On Friday I am going to pick them up and take some pictures and then bring them home for pizza! Their mom and dad are having a date night. Hopefully, with Rylee at home with her dad I can get some quick good shots of the two.

My main goal is to really seek out some good locations for the next day. I am taking some pictures for another family with 3 wonderful and crazy beautiful girls. My issue is that I have mostly been taking pictures of Rylee and her friend Haven and when you put them in front of some pretty flowers, they have a perfect background. Now with children older and taller, the background will cut them off at the calves. So we hope to find some great spots at the park for this amazing family!

And then on Monday, Rylee starts story time again on Monday. It will be so good to have her around some kids her own age, but I really have a fear of the flu season. Hopefully people will be smart and not come out if they have colds/flu symptoms but you never know. We will see how the first couple weeks go and decide if we will continue from there. Hospital stays are no fun, and we don't want a repeat of the Castle of Care this winter.

Well, no pictures today, but will post some hopefully after the shoots on Friday and Saturday!

Wishing everyone in the blog world a wonderful and fabulous night!

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