Thursday, September 17, 2009

Today's Tidbits

To Keep with posting frequently, I will begin doing Today's Tidbits on days where there isn't much happening in our little lives! Today would be one of those days! Just various little tidbits of information about me, my likes, my loves, and my world!

1. My favorite color is purple. Suprisingly though, my favorite color on my baby girl is PINK. I love the way she looks in bright pinks, light pinks, and all shades of pink really. But for me, my favorite color is purple. Of course, it's not the favorite color I like to wear. I actually kind of despise the color purple on myself. I much prefer aqua blues, greens, greys, reds and browns on myself. Weird, maybe, but that's me!

2. Even though I am a stay at home mom, and can't imagine it any other way, I do love the weekends. To have my husband around the whole day is something I love. I can't even phathom the idea of having to take my dear daughter to someone else to watch during the day but I really get excited waiting for my little free time to myself during the weekend.

3. I am very notorious for being a tad bit on the anal organized way. I like everything to have a spot. It drives me absolutely crazy to have clutter although we have tons of it in our house. Out of sight to me is truely out of mind until I have to look at the location of it. With this, I am also a pack rat. I have stuff from when I was little that I can't part with, but serves no purpose what so ever. With Rylee's CF, alot of the toys and dolls from me growing up certainly are not clean enough for her to play with so they just sit in the basement.

4. After we recieved Rylee's diagnosis, I became a major germ-a-phobe. I was never like this before. I would wipe noses, cover little ones coughs for them, protect the kids, but never worried about my own self. I also thought those cart covers were rediculous, take and go placemats were a waste of money and a big user of dishtowels, wash rags, etc. Now, I don't go anywhere with my baby without my cart cover, she never eats without a placemat, and I mainly use papertowels to clean with. Call me crazy but germs are nasty and bacteria is even worse. Yuck a pew!

Well there are my tidbits. I'm sure more will come later on. Have a wonderful Thursday blogworld!

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