Friday, September 11, 2009

Overcast and Rainy

Well today is one of those days. It's overcast and rained overnight so that everything is wet with puddles everywhere. I am really hoping it dries up before we have the big photo shoot for the A's. If not, I might be seeing a bunch of wet tushies! Oh well!

So Rylee is officially a big girl! Well, not completely big girl, but somewhat. She is the big 1 now! She was having issues sleeping at night in her room so she has been sleeping in the pack and play next to our bed in our room. Don't get me wrong, I love co-sleeping (although I never thought I would say that - She slept in her room for the first 5 months exclusively minus the first 4 weeks when she was in our room in her pack and play). But I don't know when it turned to bite us in the tush. All of the sudden she would sleep for 2-3 hours in her room and need to come in. So we slowly put her back in the pack and play and she sleeps all night.

Well in all this drama, we decided we did need to lower her crib to the lowest setting as she is a stander now! While we were doing this we just decided to take the front off and make it a toddler bed. We figure she would be able to crawl up and down (the lowest setting is super low) and come into our room by the time she was back to sleeping in her room. Well Today I put her in her room on the bed for nap and she slept there. For 2 hours. And when she woke up, she just layed there and talked. So sweet! We are going to slowly make the transition back to her room now.

On another way different subject, I am so very much in love with those little crocheted beanies. i am dying to order one for her. I love the ones with the big Flower clippies attached. I am super excited to order one!

And talking about new things, I really want to repaint/redecorate our living room and upstairs. It is so drab right now as we have an entire corner with toys and books. I really want to add some color. The downfall to repainting is that It will cause us to repaint the entire livingroom/kitchen/hallway as they are all attached. I am thinking about doing a red. We have white/tan couches and dark wooden stands, shelves and picture frames. However, we do have a red quilt with my darling Rylee's picture on it and 65 roses. So I am not sure how this would look. I guess we will have to experiment.

Well I need to finish cleaning and get rylee cleaned from lunch and her hair done before we go pick the two monsters up!

Have a very good fall weekend even though it's not officially fall, it sure feels like it here.


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