Thursday, September 10, 2009

A Refreshing Phone Call

This morning I woke up to a text on my phone. My dear friend Emily was asking me to call when I had the chance. So of course I gave her a quick call...Well not so quick. I think we were on the phone for 2 hours! My poor daughters treatments didn't get done until 11:00 which is 2.5 hours later then normal. We visited about everything under the sun related to babies, toddlers, and CF. Yes, CF however mostly positive about it. We both have our days in which it seems like CF is the devil....But both of our sweet innocent little girls are victims of this nasty disease. It doesn't make then any less precious though, and we will find a cure!

It was so refreshing to visit to another mom going through the exact same thing as I am, the same struggles with jealousy of others that can just feed their babies without having to run to the fridge and dig out the applesauce, open 2 capsules of enzymes spilling beads all over the place and shove the spoon into our little ones mouths, or with constant worries about weight gains/losses, coughs, mucous, fevers, etc. It is so nice to have her and I love that we can chat whenever we feel down and out or happy and giddy. Today was more of the latter! We visited about mostly typical "Normal" baby/toddler things from when they crawl to what they eat, to their smiles and laughs! It was so nice!

So on the topic of CF, my little 1 year old princess was eating lunch today. On the menu was pizza and of course some cheese crumbles as she loves them. She had been taking her enzymes whole the last couple of days and today was no such luck, they went in and came right back out. Finally we got her to take them and she was such a piggy! She ate and entire piece of cheese/sausage pizza and about a cup of cheese crumbles plus 8 oz of milk mixed with cream. I never thought she was going to finish and was worried about having to give her another enzyme.

Well on the lighter and none medical side, I am very excited for tomorrows shoot with the A's! Their little boy and girl are the most adorable things ever. I can't wait. And while I was verifying pick ups/supper with their mom, she invited me to a scarpbooking night with some other moms. I am very excited and hopefully will be able to get some more clients to photograph! I had just recently pulled the scrapbook back out and started to look at it. I desperately need to print some quality pictures before then, but will be doing that soon! Maybe someday I will forego the paper scrapbook and turn to digital, but for now it's mostly for fun! I love it!

Well to leave you with some Thursday Thoughts! Enjoy each and every moment of life. The precious high pitched screams when the little one doesn't get what they want, the beautiful tears from cries for the other parent, the hilarious toilet paper mess when they get into the bathroom. They grow up way to fast and soon these will be some of the most memerable parts of life. Try to catch as much on camera as you can so you never forget the moments!

Breath Easy everyone!

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