Monday, November 2, 2009

All Girls!

Yesterday I met up with this wondeful group of girls. When I worked at daycare I had the oldest girl Jocelyn in my group. She was only 4 when she got to my group and she is now growing into a beautiful little person. Her and her sisters and mom were so much fun to shoot. They were all giggles and smiles. We even got some pretty cute smiles from the littlest of the group. She was all about shaking her head "no" at me, but we managed a few smiles. Stephanie, there are more then just this, but here's a start!

Here are some shots of the girls and their mom. Also a couple of the Aunt Poo. I really enjoyed this session. They were all so adorable and easy to work with. It was my first family session so I was really trying to catch all of the moments. I missed quite a few but I like what we got!

This one is one of my faves.

Thank you Stephanie and girls for letting me snap a few shots. You girls are amazing and beautiful and so much fun to work with.

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