Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Potty Chair Potty Chair, Can I sit on YOU?

Today is Day 1! We are officially beginning to potty train! Miss. R. will be running around in training pants while at home minus naps and nights! She went number 2 in the potty this morning as she is very predictable with that one. We are still working for number 1 but we have not wet yet at all. We have been sitting on the beloved (or not so much) potty chair about every 20 - 25 minutes and nothing. I think I need to get her a soft seat for the big potty. Our small chair seems to hurt her bum.

We will keep trying. She seems to like being in training pants and LOVES her Abby cadabby and Dora undies! She grabs onto them and totes them around - All 15 pairs!

Wish us luck. we have a couple more hours before nap time so maybe we can make it in the potty once before we go nappy nap.

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