Sunday, November 8, 2009

How Sweet It Is....Sneak Peak

Yesterday I had the priveledge to photograph this sweet family. Again, this was another one of the girls that were in my daycare group. I got a giant hug upon arrival. I really do miss those little girls and they are getting so big! This family was such a great shoot for me. They are so photogenic! And it was so easy! :) I loved it. They are such a sweet sweet family and we got a ton of great photos! Here are some previews for mom! Thank you so much and your family is so cute!

As you probably notice, I use this pose alot with families. It is so cute, even for a butt shot as dad kept calling it! I love how it appears that you are all watching the littlest one walk.

And walking back towards us. Again, I love how everyone is looking at the wee one!

Here is my little (well growing up way to fast) girl that was in my group at daycare. She is just the little model and was posing up a storm. She kept saying, here Nicole, I can stand here or I can sit like this! I feel that we will have a future one on one photo shoot just for this little model in training.

And the wee one...her little sister. I just love her chubs and her sweet smile!

And finally, mom and dad. You guys were so easy to work with. I very much appreciate you guys allowing me to take some family pics. There are more to come, and I am working quickly to get them done.

It was such a beautiful day our and I had an awesome time working with this family. I hope more photo shoots are in our near future! Off to work on some more pics! Have a great remainder to the weekend!

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