Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Random Ramblings

My daughter is very much addicted to TV. I know. Not the best, but when you are home all day and the TV is on the whole time for background noise, it will happen. She loves the commercials that have blue backgrounds and the neat sounds of other commercials. She really likes Jeopardy. Weird I know, but it is the blue background and fun music. We have been watching a lot more disney movies and some PBS as we don't have cable...No Dora or Diego here. We have Word World, Super Why, Caillou, and Sesame Street.

Here little Miss is with her daddy watching TV.

So the other day I was trying to bake some potatoes for lunch and it's very difficult to open the oven to get the pan out with a very interested 1 yr. old toddling behind. I ended up sticking her in the booster chair and letting her color for a little while. She wasn't having the coloring so much, so after about 2 minutes, the colors and paper were on the floor. I then resorted to painting with pudding.....banana pudding. Yes, messy, and something that did require me to give her enzymes first, but she enjoyed it. And it was nice and Yummy.

Here she is so intently coloring...You would think she would have been interested in it for more then the two minutes that it actually lasted by the way she was concentrating so hard, but no....Not at all.

And soon after starting we decided that the crayon does actually go under my chin. See, It stays!

I told you, it stays! Look, NO HANDS!

Coloring is so much fun! Well I am off to start making the meatloaf for supper and some yummy brownie bites for desert. Deffinately not part of my diet, but oh well!

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  1. What a fun "rambling" post! I just love her!!! What a fun little girl!