Thursday, November 5, 2009

Fall Weather is Wonderful

You will probably see alot of pictures that look similar to this one, except they will have snow in the background instead of grass. Like I said previously, Miss SassyPants recieved her winter coat in the mail at the beginning of this week, so we have been trying it out. It's been such beautiful fall weather that it is perfect for us to play outside and have some little photo sessions.

Yes, those are easter eggs and an easter bucket, but it was the first thing I could find in the toy room to grab that would distract her enough from the swing. We have lots of pictures with her by the swing, in the swing, and pushing the swing. I wanted to practice taking some pictures of her playing, so we grabbed the easter eggs and bucket and went to town.

These days she is very camera shy and doesn't like to look at the camera for anything. Any time I get the camera out, she turns away and it takes some very pathetic and rediculous actions to get her to look at the camera. Sometimes this is as close as we get.

This was when i was saying Rylee to her to get her to smile. Everytime I said it, she would open her mouth like she was going to repeat it. Silly Girl. I never did hear any sounds come out but that's another story. I do like how this one turned out though!

Today was pretty productive for myself. Miss R. is taking a late nap basically because she refused to settle down after lunch, so she fell asleep at about 2:15 and is still sleeping. I even had to go and check on her as she's been sleeping so long and that is very unusual but she was still breathing. Good thing. So i took advantage of my time and packed up some of the Halloween Decorations, cleaned off the Island ( seems like that is a never ending task), made a sticker book for Rylee's Treatments, and made some packets of goodies that will be used to take to the doctor.

I have had a basket full of books, pencils, notepads, tiny craft kits, bubbles, and other little toys that I have been pulling out of and placing into a bag for when we go to her CF visits. Sometimes they can take 4 hours, and that's a long time in a small room with no toys. So I decided when she was first diagnosed, that I would bring along a bag of "New Toys" for her to play with....Something special for her. These toys mainly come from the dollar store/dollar bins at Target/Clearance isle at Walmart. They are all little cheap things that will work to keep her attention and don't cost a lot of money.

So today I emptied the basket and decided to package them into trusty ziplock baggies so all I have to do is grab a bag. Smart thinking huh... Well I thought so. But today as I was catching up on all of the blogs I like to look at, I cam across a couple of montessori type activities that I thought would be fun to add in like pattern activities, sensory activities, and playdoh activities. I have never really looked into the montessori ideas but the more I have read about them, the more I really think they are educational and fun learning ideas.

Well, it's Pizza night here, so I better get it ordered! Yummo-Pizza!

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