Thursday, November 12, 2009

Copy Cat Me but way Cuteness

I have to start this out by saying that I so Love Love Love, the style and craftings of Bethany over at Hissyfits Photography. I totally stole these leg warmers straight from one of her posts here . I loved them, and after buying this super cute sparkly sassy skirt and this sparkly red shirt, I thought that these leg warmers would be perfect.

So I searched through her entire blog looking for where I could remember seeing those little cuties on her little cutie. I finally found it and it said she had bought them at Target. Well, I figured, what is the chance that I will find the exact same things, So I began looking around for red and white striped knee socks and some white faux fur. After about 2 weeks with no luck, I wandered into Target to do some Christmas shopping and guess what I found. Red and White striped knee socks with the fur on top. Just like she said. Well I quick snatched them up, came home and looked online for a tutorial on making leg warmers. About 20 minutes later, TaDa! We have the perfect Christmas Outfit!

Thanks so much to Bethany for posting such creative things that I can "copy" to make my little sassy pants just as adorable as your little cutie!

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