Friday, November 6, 2009

Haven and her Mommy and Daddy

Havens mommy had asked if I could take some family pics for the wee little one! Of course she wanted to cooperate the entire time. Or maybe not. We did get some pretty good shots in my opinion. This was one of Haven's not so finer moments of the shoot! I just had to get her pout and cry on camera.

Here is Haven and her mommy. So cute!

And looking at the camera. This is one of the few where Haven was not pulling at her mommy's necklace or shirt. I think I remember Miss. R. going through this stage with the camera....

This has got to be one of my fave family pics from the shoot. Haven is sitting up like such a big girl and has a beautiful smile!

OK, so I am a big fan of the walking pics and love the way this one turned out!

Here's Haven and her Daddy!

Again, another one of her daddy and her. She is such a darling little girl.

Well theres a sneak peak for Havens Mommy. She'll have to wait to see the rest until she gets the DVD tomorrow!
Thanks for letting me take pics of your little family!

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