Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Brownie Mini's and A New Winter Coat

I am totally not a make everything from scratch type of person. I'm actually not one that really enjoys baking all that much. But, like most people, I do enjoy baked goods! So we resort to the box mixes for brownies and cakes.

I came across this box of brownie mini's at the grocery store. It comes with it's own disposable pans that you put the brownies to bake them. It also comes separated so that you can simply make 6 brownie minis or 12 brownie minis. How convient is this!

Little miss R. Helped to make the brownies. Well, she helped as much as she could possibly help. She sat on the table and watched and tried to get into everything. So 17 minutes later we had wonderfuly delicious mini brownies. We did push a peanut butter cup into each one of the brownies. Yummo - peanut butter cup brownies.

Rylee's uncle Robert's girlfriend, Star (did you get that all) works for a columbia outlet store, So she decided to give Rylee a columbia coat and snow pants for christmas. Yes, she got to open this package a little early! We tried it on, and it fits almost perfect. It should last her all of this winter and maybe part of next winter! I was so excited. We put it on her with her cute little boots and snapped some quick pics.

This morning I bundled her up in her new coat and took her out to the back yard to swing. She loves to swing. She also loves pushing the swing. We are still working on the walking and being ok with walking on the grass. She usually just stands their until someone will pick her up. Silly girl. It's like she doesn't realize that she has shoes and jeans on. She was deffinately not a fan of the grass this summer with sandals and shorts, so I think she is still scared of it.

I am attempting to shoot in manual mode on my camera, and it's proving to be a little challenging. I can't get as clear of pictures as I could in auto. I struggle with the settings and confuse myself when I think I understand it. The pictures turn out ok, but I am such a perfectionist that I want the pictures to be outstanding. I guess, practice makes perfect, and I have a lot of reading and practice to go...So off I go.
Happy Wednesday

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