Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Day One Recap!

Well day one of potty training went ok! We went number 2 in the potty and then about 2 hours later we went number 1 in our pants :( we put a diaper on at nap and woke up dry! We went straight to the potty and pee'd in the potty! YAY! When daddy got home, mommy went to pick up the albuterol from the pharmacy for our nebs and got home and we sat on the potty again but no luck, and what would you know, about 10 minutes later we pottied in our pants again. About an hour later, Little miss sassy went and hid in the corner and once again, pottied in her pants! Silly girl. And then it was time for a diaper and pj's. So overall, 2 success's, 3 accidents, and numerous attempts!

So an alright day! We are taking a trip tomorrow, so we will in full diapers all day! We will start again on thursday!

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