Thursday, October 29, 2009

Bumps and Bruises

It's been such a gloomy day here. We did nothing at all. We left the house only to venture to the clinic to get our H1N1 shots. A very lazy gloomy day.

The clinic was very nice and allowed us to enter through the back doors so that we did not have to walk through the main area and waiting rooms filled with sick people. We went in seperately so that Miss. R. did not have to step foot into the nasty germ filled clinic.

We are very excited that our entire family has been able to finally get the vaccination. However, tonight we found out that one of daddy's co-workers is sick with the flu. Luckily, daddy has only been in the office for the past 4 days and he does have a seperate office within the office and the co-worker has not been in this office. So I am sending the lysol with my husband along with strict instruction of disinfecting every inch of that office. And daddy also has become aware that if he does become sick, he is quarantined to the basement for 10 days. We will not allow our little one to get sick.

On another note, tonight, my dear little one has been squeezing through the smallest little openings to find her way behind things. We have our chairs and end tables arranged so that she cannot get behind them, or so we thought we did. Well tonight my dear friends, she squeezed behind my glider, and then proceeded to slip and fall, smacking her poor little head on the base of the chair. And this is the results.

This picture was taken a good 4 hours after the incident. Look at the line. My poor baby. And you would think she would learn, but she up and tried to squeeze back there another four times. Little stinker. At least it didn't break the skin or isn't any worse then just the giant (in my mind) mark on her forehead.

Time to clean out and rearrange the living room to further babyproof I guess.

Off to clean the kitchen and finish watching private practice. I love Thursday night TV.

Breathe Easy World, Breathe Easy!

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