Sunday, October 4, 2009


It is officially 12:36am as I sit here typing this. What does that mean you may ask? Well it means that I cannot sleep. :( Sad, considering it is my day of the weekend to wake with the little one and that could very possibly mean 7:30am but still I sit here, my mind wandering and pondering little thoughts.

Today was fairly productive and this may be adding to my insomnia tonight. I keep thinking about all that is on the agenda for tomorrow. Today I painted a mail organizer/key holder deal, a bulletin board, and a coat hook board. My awesome and fairly crafty husband whipped out the coat hook board in like 10 minutes. Edges routered and everything. I have been wanting to do a little something to my house to dress it up a little/organize it alot and declutterfy the entire thing. Well I finally the entry way. I will be taking down the candle holder wall pieceamajig and moving it to the bedroom (we do not light the candles in it so no fear of us burning the house down from a fire in the bedroom from candles). I am going to hang the bulletin board and mail organizer above the nice table that my husband made for me a couple years ago - See....he is a very crafty guy. I am also gonna put the coat hook board up on the wall behind the door. This will hold R's coat, the diaper bag, my purse, Daddy's coats and hats, etc. Mr. Crafty also made a shelf for the bottom of the forementioned table that I am going to put a couple baskets on to house rylee's winter hats and mittens, and other misc. items that will end up there.

So this is what brings me to the no sleep thing....The baskets. As I crawled into bed tonight, I was thinking about how I really didn't want to go and buy new baskets/totes. I have a ton already. So I decided I was going to spray paint a couple of the ones, and now get this.....I am going to try my hand at sewing the fabric liners for them. So all I will need is a little spray paint and a couple yards of fabric....Way better then spending $20.00 or more on baskets I would say. So as I was contemplating this, I decided how nice it would be to give the living room wall and fresh coat of paint. This led me to decorating the livingroom, which eventually took me to decorating and painting the bathroom and finally moving things into the bedroom/cleaning/hanging pictures/reorganizing. So here I am, sitting in the dark on my computer still thinking about all the possibilities for tomorrow.

I will deffinately be posting some before and after pictures of at least the entry way tomorrow or monday. Another thing I would like to do tomorrow is make it out to the pumpkin patch, and also work on getting my photography business going. I need to make the postcards to send to people. And as I was thinking about that, christmas letters/card came to mind and it reminded me how I was thinking about sending out our $10,000.00 from 10,000 people letter along with christmas letters this year.

I feel like the pig in the book "IF YOU GIVE A PIG A PANCAKE". What more can I think about that will remind me of something else tonight.

Well I suppose that is enough random rambling for the night. I am going to do some list making and hopefully get tired enough to crawl back into bed without waking the hubby or the little one. Good night to all.....Happy sleeping!


  1. Sorry to hear you couldn't sleep last night! I was in the same boat, however, I think I was overstimulated from our fun hayrack ride earlier in the night. My mind was wandering too!

    Sounds like your organizing is really coming along. I can't wait to see pictures!

  2. Nicole,

    You sound just like me when I get an idea in my head I either have to do it that minute or like you can't sleep because I just keep thinking about it then I have to do it and other things come to my mind. Even reading your blog post I have thought of things for my house. Oh boy what is my 2 months maternity leave going to lead me too. HAHA!!!
    Good Luck and it sounds like you have things going for your organization stuff!!!