Thursday, October 15, 2009

Halloween Cookies and Crabby Pumpkins

Last night was not a success with my sweet innocent nocturnal baby! She went to bed at 11pm, up at 12:30am up at 3:00am and up at 4:30am. Finally at 5:30am I fished her a sippy cup of milk and she gulped it down and went to sleep until 9:30am. Phew.

We made pumpkin and ghost sugar cookies. I had great intentions of making these fabulous cookies until I remembered while doing them that I absolutely do not enjoy making sugar cookies. I quick frosted them and decorated them as my little pumpkin is being quite the crab. It sounds like she just now fell asleep as I resorted to the pack and play in the bedroom as she was inconsolable and didn't want to play but refused to sit on my lap and rock. It is very quite back there now, so I assume she finally gave in.

The cookies are for my husbands work trick-or-treat for a family with a little girl who will be getting a kidney transplant at the end of October. Her mom works for the same business as my hubby and they are going to bring their kids to trick or treat at each of the desks/departments as they will miss halloween trick or treating. I made them each cookies and will also have some yummy sugary candy in there as well for them.

I also wanted to wish Megan and Justin congrats on their new baby boy Lane. He is adorable. Megan checks in on my blog and is from the same area as me. We actually used to work together. This is their first child and I hope all is well with their new family and wish them the best of luck. Now on to making their baby gift!

Well I will be posting soon with all the new bows I am making and will be having a photo shoot of some friends and their family on Sunday. Lots to do. But now off to make the best of my quite time. I should be napping.

Sorry no pics of the cookies. Like I said, I had good intentions, until I started.

Happy Thursday and breathe easy everyone!

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