Monday, October 5, 2009

The House Makeover

The makeover is done. Well, not really. I still have lots of stuff to do yet. But I thought I would post a couple pictures of the before and afters.

After. Mr. Crafty Husban made the Coat Hooks, and I painted an old bulletin board brown along with the mail holder. I used stickers to put the words "Bills" "In" and "Out" on each of the slots. I also sprayed the basket red, and the pumpkins a metallic gold and silver color. The jars/vases are filled with candy corn, flowers and topped off with some simple ribbon bows.
The Before - just after we painted. I forgot to take a picture before we took everything down.

The after - I switched out the pictures on the wall. They used to be wedding pictures and are now all of miss. R. I also added the word family above it. I have yet to fill our boxes on the right side with trinkets!

The Before - actually this was the during. Before there were some pictures of Miss. R.

The after. The picture frame will get pictures of R. in them but for now, we just hung it up. The quilt is one that Rylee got for Christmas from her grandpa. It has a picture of her in the middle of it and the white squares have roses in them. "65 roses" to be exact. Click here to read the story of "65 Roses".

And this is finally a close up of the neat looking jar after filling it with candy corn and adorning it with a brown, tan and red ribbon. I love how it turned out.
Well today the plan is to move the toy corner and declutter the book area....And if time permits go through R's clothes. Out with the summer (even though they still fit) and in with the fall/winter wardrobe.
Enjoy the day! and as always, BREATHE EASY


  1. WOW!!! NICE JOB!!!!

    The candy corn jar is the cutiest idea ever. Though if it was at my house sitting out I would be eating it all I love candy corn.

  2. Wow! Way to go! It looks great! I love the candy corn too!