Sunday, October 25, 2009


So I didn't drop off the face of the earth. My friend Kristi had to come back to our side of the state and so we road out with her to her house. She lives on a ranch and has no cable and no internet. We were originall going to be out at her house on Tuesday, but she had to make an unexpected trip to our area, and so she was wanting company on the 7 hour trip home. So we went out 5 days earlier.

It was a very long drive, and Miss R. did awesome on the way out. The way home not so much. But we had a wonderful trip and enjoyed the time with the friends we don't see too often. They are so good with Rylee and I hope for the best in their trials to becoming parents. They have been struggling but are finally getting into the insemination process and hopefully it will work. They deserve the best!

While we were out at their house, we had them take a few quick snaps of us for our christmas cards. This is what the big pic on the card will be. Although i hate the way I look, it was the best of the pics and will have to do. Of course the little one wasn't up for smiling, but she is looking. And I am loving the vest on her. Super adorable.

Well more to come later, I have lots of catching up to do on the blogs I've been missing and lots of cleaning to do around the house, so we will hopefully have a productive day tomorrow. Good Night all!

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