Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Sleep is good

Tonight is night 3. Night 3 of this sleep training thing that we have going on here. Our problems all started back in January. R. was sick and we stayed in the hospital for 6 days. The first night we let her sleep in the crib and every time they came in to start her IV's they woke her up. I think the first night we all got less then 2 hours of sleep. So after that, we started letting her sleep with me on the cot. All was well. She slept all night and we were getting enough sleep. Well we came home and continued to let her sleep with us so we could keep an eye/ear on her through out the night. After about a week of that we began putting her back in her room in her crib. Well this is where we started having issues. She would wake up at about 3 or 4 and we would bring her into our room to finish the night.

Fast forward to this past summer. It had gotten to the point of her going to sleep around 10:00pm and waking by midnight. When we went to Omaha to the zoo, she slept all night in her pack and play in the hotel. So we began putting her to sleep in the pack and play in our room. It worked for about 2 months and then she began waking up again. Well after my trip this last weekend, we decided it was time for change

After she began sleeping in her pack and play we lowered her crib and also took the front of the crib off to make her crib a toddler bed. We had been giving her naps in there every once in a while and it worked fine. On Sunday night I put her to sleep in the crib an she slept from 10:30pm till 3:00am and then until 5:00am. On Monday night she woke up at 12:00, 2:00 and 5:00. So what will tonight bring? I'm hoping it is better then last night. I guess we will see what tonight brings and hope for the best. It's about time for some treatments, but i will leave you with some of my fave pics of my babe sleeping!
All swaddled up!
Miss R. could be found like this alot. She loves her little rainbow blanket and still drags it around with her all the time.
This one has got to be my fave of her sleeping. First off the outfit she has on was my favorite. It was so darling. She had a lot of purple when she was tiny but has since been clothed in a lot of pink. suprisingly. But I absolutely love the way she is sleeping like she was just exhausted.
And although this picture isn't the best and you can barely see her, it has a lot of memories and is quite funny. We were at the air show and it was about 100 degrees out. There was no shade an of course she needed her big rainbow blanket to cuddle with. I must also mention that this nice blanket is fleece. Anyways, the F22 just happened to be up next in the air show soon after she went to sleep. If anyone has heard this plane, it is unbelieveable loud, to the point of my little princess needing ear plugs. So we shoved an earplug in her ear as she was sleeping so we now have a picture of our little princess dressed in pink with her neon yellow earplug.
None of the pictures are of the best quality, but all are of her sleeping. We are praying for good sleeps tonight!
Good Night!

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