Sunday, October 4, 2009

Chili and Cornbread

You can deffinately tell it's beginning to feel a little fall like! It was chilly here today. So after my not so nice night of rest last night, I woke up bright and early to start the day off. I did R's, nebulizer, fed her breakfast, started a load of laundry, and off to the great WalMart for groceries and some little decorating supplies. When I got home we made some Yummy french toast, eggs and bacon for a sunday breakfast lunch. Then I through the ingredients for chili into the crock pot for supper. Boy was I glad I did that. To not have to worry about supper after spending the day decorating was a relief. All I had to do was quickly throw together some corn bread and Walla! It was so scrumptious and warming, especially on this chilly fall day.

So on to the decorating. I don't have any pictures quite yet, but I will give you a little idea of what is going on in our household. Well I took all of my pictures and decorations off of the wall in the entry way and put up a bulletin board, mail organizer, wooden sign and coat rack. I also cleared the stand off and put up some very fall looking decorations. I took a big glass jar and filled it with candy corn - not only the yellow, orange and white stuff, but the red and tan, the brown and tan, the yellow white and brown and the normal stuff. Then I tied a ribbon around it. I also filled two small pillar vases with this candy corn mixture and stuck some very pretty fall flowers in it. Then I spray painted some pumpkins, added a little ribbon and placed all the above items on a red placemat. My crafty husband is still working on the shelf for the bottom, and I also spray painted a basket red to go on the shelf. This will house R's shoes, hats, mittens and winter stuff.

On to the living room - So I decided to paint the wall. We just made it a couple shades darker brown. So as of now, that's all that is there. a brown wall. We have yet to put up the shelves/pictureframes/pretties that go on the wall.. I also sprayed a couple more baskets to house R's books and some toys. Right now we have 4 bright foam mats where we keep her toys and books. It is kind of an eye sore. So i am hoping to move the mats and the majority of her toys to the toy room/scrapbooking room. At this point we don't play in the toy room much, but eventually she will be in there all the time. I'm hoping this will declutter the living area a little.

Well off to finish the remodel/redecorations! Happy Fall everyone!

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  1. Holy cow! You were busy today! I can't wait to see it all together.

    It is chilly here too so we had a soup supper, which was perfect!

    Hope you have a great week!