Wednesday, October 14, 2009

YAY NIGHT 3 - Success

Night 3 was offically a success. R. went to bed in her bed at 11pm and slept...get this...until 8:30am. I didn't get up at all and go into her room. She didn't get up at all and cry. She just slept all night! YAY. I am jumping with joy as to how excited I am about this.

Today we are leading a not very exciting day. We will be going to the post office to mail a package, but that's about it. We will be having another low key day. I am planning to make a few more bows, and maybe see if I can find something to use as R's little bow holder. Right now she has them stuffed in a rubbermade type of bin thingy with drawers and on a ribbon hanging from a pipe cleaner! Fancy I know.

On another note, Rylee really started to say MOM MOM MOM lately. She is getting louder and louder at talking or jabbering I guess it would be. I love it.

Well off to the post office to get that done.

Have a wonderful Wednesday and Breathe Easy!

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  1. Wow! Way to go! I hope she continues to sleep through the night for you. Things are soooo much better when everyone is well rested!