Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Fall Fun

Today is suppose to be the last decent day of the week weather wise so miss R. and I took total advantage and headed outdoors for some fun. Rylee has never really been outside walking around and she just recently started walking in shoes so it's all new to her. This past summer she was so afraid of the grass and very much disliked the way it felt on her legs so we always used a blanket and she rarely crawled off of it.

She was very interested in the leaves, although not interested enough to touch them. I guess we are bringing up a very clean girl....she doesn't like to get dirty (well at least not with dirt - food is another story)

She kept looking at the leaves and pointing to them wondering what they were.

She discovered the swing and enjoyed pushing it back and forth.

A quick smile for the camera.
And back to pushing the swing!
Mom was also working on her photo skills and shooting on manual mode. It's getting better but so much to learn.
And finally we took a ride in the swing. Rylee just giggled and giggled and giggled. She loved every minute of it.
Rylee really enjoyed her brief time outside. It's good for her to get some fresh air as we are on total lockdown here. A little time in the back yard never hurt though.
And then tonight this is what I turned to. My little princess found the box of tissues and decided that they needed to be pulled out of the box.

Of course this mommy first sees the photo op of the little princess making a mess. Daddy didn't think that was such a good idea. His exact words were "And you let her do it." Oops. She kicked and screamed when i took her fun away. We have since put the tissues out of reach.
Well off to feed the peanut and then to bed. Good night blog world.

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