Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Yipee for protection, boo for ouch

After being completely frustrated and almost in tears about not being able to get my precious daughter the H1N1 shot, we got a call from her CF clinic telling us that they had a dose for her. Whew...A huge sigh of relief.

We had to make the hour drive to the clinic to get the shot, and when we got their they asked if she needed her 2nd seasonal flu shot and guess what. Today was 4 weeks to the day so she was able to get that too. 2nd Whew. Our towns 2 clinics and community health clinic has none of that vaccination so we were very relieved and felt our hour trip one way was well worth the gas money.

Rylee also got her throat culture done as she has had a small cough for a couple of days. I'm not convinced it's NOT teeth as she did get a small cough the last time a couple teeth popped up but most doctors do not believe this thought and so we were prescribed bactrim. I am waiting until the culture results to start her on this strong of an antibiotic, especially since nothing she has cultured before has needed this strong of an antibiotic except pseudo which is treated with tobramyacin. So there for we wait until friday to find out what's next.

So as I began typing this, I recieved a phone call from the local clinic here in town and guess what.......They recieved more doses of the H1N1 vaccine and our family was on the list to get it. After discussing how we had just taken her to get hers today, they said that my husband and myself were also on the list so we will be getting our doses tomorrow. YAY. 3rd sigh of relief. We will now be mostly protected from this nasty virus. R. does need to get a second dose in four weeks if we can find it so hopefully we will be able to get some when that time comes around.

So my very frustrating day turned into a fairly decent day. R. hasn't had any reactions to either of the vaccines and has been playing happily since getting home.

Off to cook some supper I guess ..... Happy Wednesday and Breathe Easy Blogworld!

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