Monday, October 12, 2009

Rylee's New Wardrobe

Well here it is. The new loot that miss R. got while I was on my shopping trip. She is stocked up for the year! She has everything from sweats to dresses to casual.

My favorites out of the trip has to be the purple, blue, white, grey and charcoal sweater with the charcoal skirt and shoes. The sweater is Tommy Hilfiger and was only $21.00 (that is the most I spent on one piece of clothing for her). The skirt is from the childrens place and was $3.00. The Shoes are from Marshalls and are Stride Rites. They were only $19.99.

Speaking of Marshalls....Both pairs of Calvin Klein Jeans were from there at $12.99 each. Super cute and the skinny ones will look awesome with her little brown boots she has. The remainder of the jeans were from The Childrens Place and 2 of the 4 were only $5.99. the other two were $11.00.

Gap was my weakness. She didn't need sweats, but they had some super cute ones. The brown outfit says Gap on the butt. The pink one was on sale and the purple was just plain cute. She also got the cute pink and blue striped dress from Gap. The other pink dress is from Tommy and the cute pink vest is from Old Navy.

The picture of the shirts are all from OshKosh and will look so nice under her OshKosh hooded zip up sweatshirts that she already has. The red shirt is from Tommy and will look so adorable with a couple of the skirts that she got. Oh and talking about skirts, the striped skirt is from OshKosh and was only $.90. What a steal.

I also got her some super cute knee socks from gap, some tights from OshKosh, some clippie bows from Tommy and some pj's.

There is also a picture in there of R's halloween costume. She was originally going to be a pumpkin and I was going to make her a tutu dress with the pumpkin face on it and green korkers at the top for the stem however I figured since it snowed here it would be too cold for that, so I instead bought her the pink and purple monster from the Childrens Place.

And all mommy got was a hooded sweatshirt, a teeshirt and a pair of shoes. Who do you think is spoiled here?

Daddy and miss R. had a good time. They ate McDonalds one night and took a walk. They had some super good bonding time. It was a much needed vacation for me.

Well last night was night one of Rylee sleeping in her own bed. We've been struggling with the sleeping thing since about July. She slept from about 10:30 until 5:00 am in her bed. Then she was wide awake until 6:45 and we went back to sleep until 11:00am. Well, the 10:30 until 5:00 was a start and pretty good for sleeping and not getting out of her toddler bed. We will see how her night goes tonight!

Tonight we are making chicken and stuffing casserole for supper, so I better get busy. Happy Monday and Breathe Easy!

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  1. Looks like you hit the jackpot! You got sooo many cute things! I can completely relate to the kids being spoiled. We are always naked!

    Hope you have a great week!