Friday, October 16, 2009

Hair Pretty's and Monsters

R. has always had a ton of hair. She was born with a thick full head of black hair. Some fell out, but not a ton, and she continued to have a headful, however about 3 months ago it got to the point where we could put ponies and bigger hair pretties in it. Up until now we had been just putting the simple little alligator clip bows to swoop her hair to the side (she has a natural part on one side of her head and if you don't swoop it, it all lays forward and looks goofy). So i have been busy making tons and tons of bows for her.

This is my first attempt at a bow other then a Korker bow (which I love). I think it turned out pretty cute. It matches her Daddy's Lil' Pumpkin shirt pretty well. And she even manages to keep the headband on for the most part.

Korkers, Korkers, and more korkers. I don't know how many Korker bows a little girl can have, but I love them. And I especially love the little packs of ribbon from the target dollar section. They come with 5 or 6 coordinating colors/patterns and are just enough to make two matching Korker bows.

This one is a fall fun one that has apples and wonderful fall colors. I love it!

And this one was a pack of Halloween ribbon from the dollar bins. So easy and I don't have to worry about matchin ribbons!

So after much browsing on Etsy - I love that website - I decided that I was going to attempt to make my own apple shirt. I was wanting something to go with the fall korkers that I had made(see above). So I went to my local WalMart and picked up a white shirt, some packs of material (our walmart has scrap packs for $1.00 or $2.00. They are just little samples of material, but plenty for what I needed ), and some heat & bond.

I cut out an apple shape (kind of goofy looking apple, but it works), a leaf and a stem. I ironed the heat and bond to the back of each material and then ironed them to the shirt. I still need to stitch around the apple but this is how it turned out. It will work.

And here are a few pics of my precious little R. Here she is modeling her new headband bow, one of her new skirts, her Daddy's lil' pumpkin shirt, and Purple tights! Yes Purple tights that who knows what else she'll wear them with, but I liked them for this outfit. The funny story is that I was driving to go pick up some tights to match and was telling my friend how R. owns 2 colors of pink tights, white tights, brown tights, various colors of striped tights, but no black tights. So instead of black tights, I pick up these purple ones. OOPS. Still in need of some black tights I guess.

And here is my little one in her new monster costume for halloween. She was going to be this however given the change in weather, I thought it might be a little cold and I refuse to make her a costume that will be covered up by layers and layers to keep her warm. We will make her the pumpkin tutu dress when she a little older and can wear just long sleeves and tights to keep warm. (well hopefully it is a nicer October by then too.)

Well, Happy Weekend everyone. I am busy taking photos this weekend and running to hobby lobby to get some supplies for a banner I need to get done. Hope everyone enjoys the warmer weather that WE are supposed to have.
Enjoy and breathe easy!

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